Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10, 2009 PM

I was hoping for a better day today. Memaw had made some progress yesterday. She called me at 2:00 and said she couldn't breathe and needed to go to the hospital. We had been to the hospital with her the night before with the same symptoms. They ran some test and gave her an shot for anxiety. She was much better a couple of hours later. We are realizing how handicapping anxiety can be for someone. It is painful to watch someone you love become incapacitated by anxiety and dementia. We feel so helpless. We continue to feel hopeful that if we can just get her medication regulated correctly she will have a better quality of life. The path to regulated meds is difficult.

The rehabilitation center dismissed her with home health orders. We have had home health approximately 5 weeks. We have only had one week with the medication correct. Tried to cancel home health last week and do the meds ourselves. We played phone tag with the agency. Home health came this last Tuesday and filled her meds. I double checked the meds for accuracy. Two days were missing some of the medication. We wouldn't have known if we hadn't checked! Cancelled home health. Meds are too important to let someone else be careless and mess it up.

Went this afternoon to check on Memaw after the phone call. Found out that home health gave her meds but left out her anxiety meds. Glad we cancelled home health. If I have learned anything it is that you can't assume people are doing their job correctly. You have to follow through on everything! The elderly and children are very vulnerable.

Praying that Memaw has a good night and that anxiety doesn't get the best of her.

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